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Cello Accessories

Accessories for the cello player. Everything a cello player would need to take care or maintain their cello instrument. From cello rosin, cello humidifiers, wolf eliminators, cello endpin rests, cello tail pieces to cello chairs and cello mutes.

Cello Miscellaneous Cello Miscellaneous

What every cellist needs

Apart from strings for the cello and a cello bow, a cellist will also need several other accessories that will help in taking care of their cello, improving its sound, promoting good playing habits, and even preventing injury.

Cello Cases

Every cellist will need a good quality cello case to store and protect the instrument while in transit to and from recitals. Cello case covers are also available to protect high-end cello cases.

Cello Chairs

Cellists spend a lot of time sitting when playing the cello, and a regular chair or stool may not be the best option to use for extended periods of time. A comfortable cello chair or bench with proper padding in the right places will assist a cellist in maintaining a comfortable position, improving the posture of the player, as well as preventing strained back muscles or other back issues.

Cello Endpin Rests

Unlike violin and viola players, who place their instruments on their shoulders while playing, the cellist uses the floor to support the cello through its endpin - the extensible rod at the bottom of the instrument. Endpins have a tendency of sliding, causing the cello to fly out of the players hands. Some endpins tips are very sharp to prevent such slips but may cause damage to the floor they come in contact with. Cello Endpin Rests or stops are essential accessories to prevent such slips and at the same time prevent scratches and other damage to the floor.

Cello Humidifiers

Cello humidifiers are normally inserted into cello cases to assist with the regulation of moisture in the air (or within the case). As wood interacts with moisture constantly, if the air inside a cello case is too dry, it may suck out the moisture from the wood of the cello altering the instrument's playing capabilities. The opposite may happen when too much moisture is present and the cello wood may absorb the excess moisture, causing swelling. When a cello is exposed to extreme variations for long periods of time, open seams or even cracking may result.

A good humidifier will protect the instrument in cases of both high and low moisture in the air and is a "must" especially in areas where humidity varies greatly.

Cello Mutes

Cello mutes dampen the vibrations of the bridge, reducing the intensity of the sound giving the cello a smoother, mellower, quieter sound. Practice mutes are used by cellists to avoid disturbing their neighbours when practicing in areas such as apartments or hotels.

Cello Peg Dope

Peg dope or peg compound helps cello pegs turn smoothly and at the same time stay in place. To be used sparingly - if used in excess, they can make the problem worse by increasing wear and tear on the pegs.

Cello Rosin

Cello rosin helps create friction and when applied to bow hair, allows the bow to grip the cello strings and make them vibrate more clearly and with more control.

Cello Stands

Using a cello stand is a great way to safely store or display your instrument without having to pack it in a cello case. It provides easy access to the instrument and can motivate you to play more. Very useful at concerts or gigs where you've limited space to have a case near you.

Cello Tailpieces

Cello Tailpieces are used to connect strings to the end of the cello. The correct tailpiece for an instrument can have a significant effect on the sound and playability of the instrument. The right tailpiece can make the instrument more responsive and resonant, resulting in a fuller or more colourful sound.

Wolf Eliminators

A wolf tone is a warbling, stuttering sound an instrument makes when the vibration of the instrument cancels out the vibration of the string. It is a phenomenon that occurs most frequently with larger string instruments. A Wolf Eliminator can be used to dampen the affected frequencies and eliminate or minimize the wolf tone.

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