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Bow Parts

Stick/Shaft - Usually made of wood or carbon fibre.

Grip - Also called thumb leather and is used to protect the wood of the bow from the player's hand as well as provide a good comfortable grip on the bow.

Winding - Usually some thin wire wound around the stick providing a layer of protection for the wood - preventing transfer of oil, sweat from the player's hand.

Tip - Small piece of wood that connects the stick to the bowhair.

Tip Plate - Protective cover for the tip.

Frog - Creates space between the bowhair and the stick and holds the mechanism for adjusting the bowhair.

Eye - Decorative inlay made of gold, silver, nacre (pearl) or nickle plates on the frog. An additional line around the pearl is called a 'Parisian Eye'.

Screw - Used to tighten or loosen the bowhair.

Bowhair - Usually made from horsehair which has fragments or scales that makes it better to grip strings (through friction).

Ferrule - A removable plate of metal that protects the area where the bowhair gets attached to the bow at the frog.

Slide - Decorative part of the bow (frog), similar function as the eye.

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