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Bow Rehair & Repairs

The Sound Post offers a complete in-house bow rehair and repair service under the direction of David Tamblyn. David's extensive training with William Salchow of New York allows him to tackle the most complicated bow repairs, including complete refurbishment of bow sticks and frogs.

Our bow service includes:

  • new tips in gold, silver or mastadon ivory
  • bushings (including new nipples) in sticks and frogs to improve radial stability
  • accurate re-balancing of bows to suit a player's personal taste

We encourage all string players to bring in their bows for knowledgeable assessment, advice on ongoing maintenance, or a complete repair program for more extensive repairs.

Visit our section on Bow Repair Studies to see some of our recent cases.

Please call 416 971 6990 ext. 226 for further information or to book a one-hour rehair.

Call us toll-free: 1-800-363-1512  

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