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We believe that a fair and generous trade-in program is necessary to give our customers security and ease in moving from one instrument to another.

Commercial Instrument Trade-ins

If you buy a new or used student instrument from us, you may trade it in when upgrading or moving up in size. Our firm policy is to grant a trade-in value of 70% of the current resale value of your violin or viola outfit as determined by our staff (less any needed repair cost/depreciation due to damage) towards the purchase of your next instrument. For cellos and basses, our trade-in policy is 75% of the resale value due to their higher values.

Old and Fine Instrument Trade-ins

Any non-commercial instrument bought from The Sound Post will be accepted on trade for 100% of the purchase price (less needed repairs, adjustments and depreciation due to damage) when moving up to an instrument of greater value. This gives our customers the security that they can move to another instrument without penalty if their needs or tastes change. This is a costly and generous policy and itself is a strong reason for buying from us instead of a private vendor.

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