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Instrument Repairs

The Sound Post has a repair and restoration team comprised of luthiers with specialized training at the major European and American violin making schools and considerable international experience. Miles Doubleday, our senior restorer, has over 20 years experience with Ealing Strings (London, UK). Soeren Dietrich studied at Newark and then worked in the Hague for a decade. Young-ki Kim attended the Cremona School and then worked in Cremona and S. Korea.

Our in-house workshop is able to provide immediate repair assessment, counsel, and prompt repair or adjustment. We provide routine maintenance services for our customers such as:

  • crack repair
  • bridge cutting
  • fingerboard planing
  • soundpost adjustments
  • peg fitting

We also offer a complete restoration service including repair of major damage, improvements and sound adjustments, complex reconstructions, re-archings and other elaborate repairs.

Visit our section on Instrument Repair Studies to see some of our recent cases.

Please contact us for an assessment of your instrument.

Appointments can be made by calling 416-971-6990 Ext 222

Call us toll-free: 1-800-363-1512  

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