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Cello Bows

Find the perfect Cello Bow. We have bows for cello players of all levels. Cello bows for beginners, bows for intermediate players as well as cello bows for advanced players.

We also have Pernambuco cello bows as well as the modern Carbon Fibre Cello Bows.

Pernambuco Cello Bows Pernambuco Cello Bows

Cello Bow Sizes

Cello bows are shorter than violin and viola bows and need to be stronger as it requires more pressure to play a cello. They are normally heavier and often have a curved frog (as compared to violin bows which have straight edges). Cello bows have a wider bowhair girth than violin or viola bow.

Cello bow overall lengths range from 15 (1/32) inches for a child to 28.5 (4/4) inches for an adult. The table below gives the typical (approximate) lengths of cello bows given their sizes (i.e. 4/4 to 1/8).

Cello BowBow Length (typical)
4/4 (Full size)72cm (28.5")
3/467.5cm (26.5")
1/260.5cm (23.85")
1/453cm (20.86")
1/848cm (18.9")

Types of Cello Bows

The most common wood types used to make cello bows are Pernambuco and brazilwood.

Pernambuco, native to Brazil, is the primary choice for professional players, its wood is dense and heavy and has the right mix of strength and responsiveness. Pernambuco is now on an endangered species list and is more difficult to acquire.

Brazilwood is a similar type of wood also found in Brazil and is very good alternative. It is more affordable and ideal for students and beginners.

Carbon fibre technology has allowed the introduction of synthetic bows that are great for new and intermediate players.

Cello bow sticks come in two shapes, round and octagonal. There isn't much functional difference between the two although aesthetically the octagonal may look better. Octogonal bows are also harder and more time-consuming to make.

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