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Cello Endpin Rests

Unlike violin and viola players, who place their instruments on their shoulders while playing, the cellist uses the floor to support the cello through its endpin - the extensible rod at the bottom of the instrument. Endpins have a tendency of sliding, causing the cello to fly out of the players hands. Some endpins tips are very sharp to prevent such slips but may cause damage to the floor they come in contact with. Cello Endpin Rests or stops are essential accessories to prevent such slips and at the same time prevent scratches and other damage to the floor.

Items per Page

Cello Gummistopper Cello Gummistopper
Rubber tip for endpin.
    Price: 1.42 USD
    Slipstop Endpin Rest - Orchestra Model Slipstop Endpin Rest - Orchestra Model
    Plastic disc shaped endpin rest for cello and bass.
      Price: 6.90 USD
      Stoppin Enpin Rests Stoppin Enpin Rests
      Prevents endpins from slipping on hardwood or tile.
        Price: 18.17 USD
        The Black Hole The Black Hole
        Non-Slip pad for cellos
          Price: 16.68 USD
          Xeros Endpin Rest Xeros Endpin Rest
          This is our best selling endpin rest.
            Price: 13.77 USD

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