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A music stand is a pedestal that holds sheet music in position for reading. For string players, it can be essential accessory as it keeps the musicians hands free while playing. They typically have a height adjustable column so that they can be used by both, standing or seated performers.

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Types of Music Stands

There are different types of music stands for different purposes. Foldable music stands range from lightweight models that can hold a few pages to stronger more sturdy heavy-duty ones.

Most foldable stands have extendable metal arms and are designed to collapse into a small easy to carry size. The heavy duty stands are more robust and made of heavier metal. The non-folding versions are more stable but less portable. Wooden music stands are less likely to be portable.

Some of the brands that we carry include K&M, Manhasset, Peak, and Ruka music stands.

Music Standard Accessories

There are many accessories available that are attachable to music stands. Some common attachments include music stand lights, stand carrying cases,music stand clips, stand magnets, standouts, shelves or trays, pencil clips and even drink holders.

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