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Bass Rosin

Bass Rosin helps create friction and when applied to bow hair, allows the bow to grip the double bass strings and make them vibrate more clearly and with more control. If a bass bow does not slide easily, and produces no sound or only a faint, thin sound, then the bow hair does not have enough rosin.

Bass Rosin is made by heating resin, a sticky substance tapped off from certain trees - usually pines, firs, larches or spruces. Each rosin maker has a special formula for their mixture. When the resin melts or liquifies, it is strained, purified and poured into molds for cooling. It is then smoothed, polished and fitted into containers.

Items per Page

Carlsson Bass Rosin Carlsson Bass Rosin
Excellent professional rosin for advanced players.
    Price: 11.19 USD
    Kolstein Ultra Bass Rosin - All Weather Kolstein Ultra Bass Rosin - All Weather
    Very minimal powdering and excellent grip.
      Price: 14.89 USD
      Kolstein Ultra Bass Rosin - Soft Kolstein Ultra Bass Rosin - Soft
        Price: 14.89 USD
        Nyman Bass Rosin Nyman Bass Rosin
        A premium Swedish bass rosin.
          Price: 11.19 USD
          Pops Bass Rosin Pops Bass Rosin
          Popular choice for bassists.
            Price: 11.90 USD
            Szigeti Rosin Szigeti Rosin
            Versatile rosin suitable for all stringed instruments
              Price: 7.39 USD
              Wiedoeft Bass Rosin Wiedoeft Bass Rosin
                Price: 26.12 USD

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