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Bass Wheel

Every double bass player knows how difficult it can be to transport their instrument. A reliable bass wheel can assist with moving the instrument by attaching a wheel at the bottom of the instrument making it easy to "wheel" the instrument from on place to another. The bass wheel is normally fits into the endpin socket. As double bass endpins vary in size (diameter), the bass wheel has a shaft which must be matched to the endpin.

Items per Page

Bass Wheel Pin (12mm) Gaines Shaft Bass Wheel Pin (12mm) Gaines Shaft
    Price: 40.19 USD
    Gaines Bass Wheel Gaines Bass Wheel
    With 8" pneumatic tire. Transport your bass safely and easily.
      Price: 135.20 USD
      Shaft for Gaines Bass Wheel - 1/2" Shaft for Gaines Bass Wheel - 1/2"
        Price: 40.19 USD

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