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Velvet Anima Bass Strings

Velvet Anima strings are constructed around cores of natural fibres. This produces a sound and feel which cannot be distinguished from pure gut strings. Windings are made from either copper or a synthetic materials, to reinforce the strings' warmth and richness of tone. Each type of string offers unique characteristics, and provides an attractive solution for most playing applications.

ANIMA's thinner core ensures a rapid response for pizzicato and arco players alike. The strings produce a strong well-balanced sound with a rich bass and open **harmonic** range. Perfect definition and audibility in all registers makes them suitable for practically every application from Jazz to Baroque.

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Velvet Anima Bass Strings

Velvet Anima G Velvet Anima G
74.57 USD
Velvet Anima D Velvet Anima D
71.18 USD
Velvet Anima A Velvet Anima A
71.18 USD
Velvet Anima E Velvet Anima E
71.18 USD
Velvet Anima B (5) Velvet Anima B (5)
138.98 USD

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