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Larsen Tzigane Violin String, Silver D - strong - 4/4

  • Price: 19.52 USD
  • Manufacturer: Larsen
  • Brand: Tzigane
  • Instrument: Violin
  • Material: Silver Wound/Synthetic Core
  • Gauge: Strong
  • Product #: SLT15H

  • Larsen Tzigane Violin String, Silver D - strong - 4/4 from Larsen.

Larsen Tzigane violin strings are synthetic core strings made in Denmark.

They are remarkably easy to play and give fantastic focus and projection. Their mellow character delivers a perfect balance with bright and brilliant sounding instruments, for players seeking a warmer timbre.

The Tzigane E string is made of a unique carbon steel. The G, D and A strings are made using a multifilament nylon core. The A string is wound with aluminum while G and D strings are wound with precision rolled pure silver flat wire.

The strings are offered in three tensions, soft, medium and strong. The strong tension strings offer the most volume and resistance to the bow. For very bright sounding violins, Tzigane strong tension is the ideal choice.

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Larsen Tzigane Violin Silver D String - strong - 4/4

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