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Jargar Superior Viola String, D - medium

  • Price: 25.11 USD
  • Manufacturer: Jargar
  • Brand: Superior
  • Instrument: Viola
  • Material: Synthetic Core
  • Size: 4/4
  • Gauge: Medium
  • Product #: SJSU22M

  • Jargar Superior Viola String, D - medium from Jargar.

The new Jargar Superior Viola synthetic core strings are a great option for professional musicians who demand the highest standards in sound quality, performance and reliability.

The warmth and colour is a truly extraordinary blend resulting in a fantastic natural violin sound. Every audience can enjoy a full projective sound with the combination of a unique core technology and carefully selected winding materials.

The strings have a quick response. Especially soft notes have a fantastic clarity without using a lot of bow pressure.

The A string is available in both ball or loop (it has a removable ball).

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Jargar Superior Viola D String - medium

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