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Chromcor Cello String, G - medium - 3/4-1/2

  • Price: 35.72 USD
  • Manufacturer: Pirastro
  • Brand: Chromcor
  • Instrument: Cello
  • Material: Chromesteel, Steel
  • Size: 3/4-1/2
  • Gauge: Medium
  • Product #: SC343

  • Chromcor Cello String, G - medium - 3/4-1/2 from Pirastro.

Chromcor cello strings have a single filament steel core, wound with chrome steel. The steel core of this string offers a bright, strong tone with an easy response. Works well on full-sized and smaller cellos. They have exceptional tuning stability and immediate playability.

The A and D strings have a bright sound while the G and C strings have a rounded and brilliant sound and are easy to play.

Chromcor G and C strings can also be combined with Passione A and D strings if a warmer sound is required./p>

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Chromcor Cello G String - medium - 3/4-1/2

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