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Larsen Il Cannone Cello String, A - Direct and Focused

  • Price: 55.95 USD
  • Manufacturer: Larsen
  • Brand: Il Cannone
  • Instrument: Cello
  • Product #: SLC30DF

  • Larsen Il Cannone Cello String, A - Direct and Focused from Larsen.

This Il Cannone Direct and Focused Cello A String combines qualities of several of Larsen's popular A strings: the singing quality of the Arioso A, the edge of the Magnacore A and the sound body of the Soloist A. The testing cellists reported very easy playability and sound response plus considerable durability.

The new Larsen Strings Il Cannone cello range has been hailed as a step change in cello string development. Available in two variants, Direct & Focused and Warm & Broad, all eight strings are mutually compatible and fully interchangeable.

By design. Il Cannone for cello gives you a toolbox of options to choose from to optimise your individual sound. Built upon the powerful foundations of a rich and expressive core sound, Il Cannone for cello offers you a rich palette of set up combinations.

Both C and G strings have steel rope cores and tungsten windings, while both Ds and the 'warm and broad' A have solid steel cores and stainless steel windings. The 'direct and focused' A string uses a unique material that is currently being patented.

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Larsen Il Cannone Cello A String - Direct and Focused

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