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Larsen Violin Rosin

  • Price: 16.57 USD
  • Manufacturer: Larsen
  • Instrument: Violin
  • Product #: RL10

When Larsen rosin is produced, it is melted in a vacuum, totally free of oxygen, which eliminates most of the allergens otherwise found in rosin for stringed instruments. All of the raw materials used are natural and distilled without the use of harsh chemicals that can subsequently attack bow hair. This rosin also contains dragon's blood resin, highly prized as a pigment in violin varnish since the time of Stradivarius. It can give the bow hair a slight reddish tint, but is not damaging in any way. Larsen rosin is a natural product containing no harmful substances.

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Larsen Violin Rosin
Larsen Violin Rosin

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