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Andrea A Piacere Viola Rosin (Formerly Tartini Green)

  • Price: 34.76 USD
  • Instrument: Viola
  • Product #: RTS22

Cremona in America is proudly re-launching Tartini GREEN with a new name, A Piacere. A Piacere has the exact same formula as the Tartini GREEN, which provides the effortless bow control with even sound production.

Andrea Rosin was first introduced in 2002 as Tartini Rosin. Tartini Rosin was quickly recognized as distinct among rosins by world-renowned string players and string lovers, leading to great demand and worldwide distribution.

This rosin creates a silky sound. Many players notice a smoother tone, often with less surface noise. When playing with greater pressure, the rosin has a very strong grip, reducing the energy needed from the player. When playing with a light touch, or with rapid bow speed, the rosin has a much more subtle effect. No other rosin has this high degree of modulation.

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Andrea A Piacere Viola Rosin (Formerly Tartini Green)
Andrea A Piacere Viola Rosin (Formerly Tartini Green)Andrea A Piacere Viola Rosin (Formerly Tartini Green)

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