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The Price You See is the Price You Pay!

We offer the world's only multi-currency violin product website where you can pay in your home currency without any bank surcharges or additional fees (32 currencies supported).

When you buy from a US merchant in US dollars and pay with your international credit card denominated in another currency, you will pay an additional 3-5% in these foreign exchange fees and bank surcharges.

An example of such a transaction:

Purchasing a violin case costing USD $500 using a credit card denominated in Euros (€).

You place the violin case into your cart and see USD $500 as the total amount. A visit to your favourite currency converter shows the current rate to be 1 USD = 0.77358 €, so you quickly calculate that the purchase will cost you about 386.79 €.

But not so fast, the currency rate used by credit card companies and banks is usually in their favour by a few percentage points. In addition, your credit card company may charge a 1% foreign transaction fee while your bank adds in other 2-3% in additional surcharges on foreign purchases. These fees and surcharges may easily add up to 3-5%.

So assuming that the bank gains only 1% (usually much more!!!) on current exchange rate, the exchange rate used for the transaction becomes : 1 USD - 0.7813158€ and $500 USD becomes 390.65 €.

Add the additional fees and surcharge (3% on average), 11.72 €.

So the total amount you end up paying is 402.37 €, 15.58 € or 4% higher than you had initially estimated.

At the Sound Post, we take the exchange rate for each of our supported currencies once every morning ( We do not add any additional commissions. This rate is used to convert our prices to your currency.

By allowing you to shop in your currency, we help you eliminate any unfavourable exchange rates, foreign currency transactions fees or surcharges on your transaction!

We guarantee the lowest price so you will always save at

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