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Violin Cases

Discover our large selection of Violin Cases and case covers. We have some of the best violin case brands available for sale including top brands like Bam, Bobelock, Eastman, Everest, Gewa, GL, Mooradian, Riboni and Winter.

Find the best case for your violin - all types available including hard shell, fibreglass, light weight, shaped, half-moon, oblong and more.

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Bam Accessories, Backpacks, Covers and More Bam Accessories, Backpacks, Covers and More
    Price: 21.00 USD - 2930.00 USD
    Bam Violin Cases Bam Violin Cases
    Exceptional protection and sleek, modern design.
      Price: 21.00 USD - 2930.00 USD
      Bobelock Violin Cases Bobelock Violin Cases
      Bobelock Violin Cases
        Price: 254.52 USD
        Eastman Violin Cases Eastman Violin Cases
        Sturdy shaped plywood cases.
          Price: 87.26 USD - 290.15 USD
          Everest Violin Cases Everest Violin Cases
          Protective and durable violin cases.
            Price: 76.36 USD - 101.81 USD
            Gewa Violin Cases Gewa Violin Cases
            Attractive, lightweight German-made cases.
              Price: 122.90 USD - 1575.00 USD
              GL Violin Cases GL Violin Cases
              Luxury Violin Cases
                Price: 1199.87 USD
                Mooradian Violin Case Covers Mooradian Violin Case Covers
                Keep your instrument safe in these high-quality padded cover.
                  Price: 217.43 USD - 272.70 USD
                  Riboni Violin Cases Riboni Violin Cases
                  Sleek, slim and sophisticated violin case by Maurizio Riboni from Italy.
                    Price: 21.82 USD - 545.40 USD
                    Sen Violin Case Covers Sen Violin Case Covers
                      Price: 181.07 USD
                      Voyageur Violin Cases Voyageur Violin Cases
                      Great choice for young students!
                        Price: 122.90 USD - 130.17 USD
                        Winter Violin Cases Winter Violin Cases
                        These professional, stylish cases are elegantly designed and offer excellent protection.
                          Price: 199.98 USD - 581.03 USD

                          Tips for buying a violin case


                          If you are constantly on the move, you should get a case that is light but at the same time strong enough or hard enough enough to protect your instrument while in transit. There are even special violin cases that have been specifically designed as a carryon on flights and can fit in the airplane overhead compartments. If the case is mainly for storing or showcasing the violin, you would not be concerned about the weight.

                          Materials & Weight

                          Most hard violin cases are made of wood or some form of carbon fiber, polycarbonate or fibreglass. Carbon fiber cases are usually the lightest while wooden cases are much heavier. Carbon fiber cases are very susceptable to scratches so while they will protect your instrument, the case itself may end up looking worse for wear over time. Some brands such as Bam offer special violin covers for carbon fiber or polycarbonate cases.

                          Know your instrument size

                          Ensure that the case you get will accomodate your instrument comfortably. The cushion padding should be snug around the instrument - preventing movement but not so tight that it is applying pressure to the instrument. This type of cradling will protect your instrument in case of accidental impact during transportation and will also insulate your violin better. Many cases come with adjustable padding.


                          Most cases usually come with additional features so do your research and select a case with features that are most important to you. Some cases come with a violin blanket which adds a little more protection for the instrument. Bow holders and compartments for accessories and sheet music may also be a factor in choosing a case. Some cases have as many as 4 bow holders. They may also have compartments for storing shoulder rests, rosin as well as pockets to hold sheet music.

                          Other Considerations

                          Some cases have built-in hygrometers and humidifiers which allow you to monitor and control the humidity in the case. Violin cases nowadays come with a plethora of carrying options for all situations. Consider getting a violin case with shoulder or backpack straps if you need to have your hands free while traveling or commuting.

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