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Glasser Standard Violin Bow w/ Blue Hair - 3/4

  • Price: 69.62 USD
  • Clearance 33% Off: 46.42 USD
  • Manufacturer: Glasser
  • Brand: Standard
  • Instrument: Violin
  • Material: Fibreglass
  • Size: 3/4
  • Product #: BA103B

  • Inexpensive, excellent quality bow for beginning students.

Our Standard Fibreglass Bows feature a new half-lined- bow frog with metal under-slide and an imitation three part button. These inexpensive, excellent quality bows will retain their correct curvature and elasticity for years. They will never warp and under ordinary use will not break. These bows have genuine unbleached white horse and a leatherette grip. Available in all sizes. Standard Fibreglass bows are also available in colored sticks (green, blue and purple) and optional colored horsehair (blue).

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Glasser Standard Violin Bow w/ Blue Hair - 3/4

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