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Ready To Read - With Materials

  • Price: 37.40 USD
  • Instrument: Bass, Cello, Viola, Violin
  • Author: Carey, Tanya L.
  • Composer: Carey, Tanya L.
  • Publisher: CareyWorks
  • Product #: CAREY006

  • Ready To Read - With Materials published by CareyWorks.

    Cello, Violin, Viola and String Bass

Ready to Read is written for Violin, Viola, Cello, and Bass players in a series of 100 games that prepare the reading process presented in Sight Reading Is Easy.

There are 15 goals in the areas of Pitch, Rhythm, Musical Signs, Terms and Symbols, Notation, and Improvisation.

Topics in pitch include: Singing, Alphabet, Fingerboard Geography, Staff Pitches, Whole and Half Steps, Major Scales, Pitch Memory, Dictation, Intervals and Chords, and Timbre/Tuning.

Topics in rhythm include: Feeling the Pulse and Playing the Rhythm, 8 Basic Rhythms in Simple Time, 3 Basic Rhythms in Compound Time, Time Signatures, Notes and Relationships, Composing with Rhythms, and Tempos. Topics in Terms include Staff, Clef, Direction, Accidentals, Dynamics, Connectors and Disconnectors, and Key Signatures. Notation has worksheets to write Musical Notation. Improvisation has elementary excercises in melody, rhythm, and harmony. Game materials are included with the book!

Spiral Bound - 138 pages. Includes an additional large packet of game materials on cardstock.

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Ready To Read - With Materials
Ready To Read - With MaterialsReady To Read - With Materials

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