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Jay Haide Maggini A L'Ancienne Viola - 15 7/8"

  • Price: 2378.96 USD
  • Manufacturer: Jay Haide
  • Brand: Maggini
  • Instrument: Viola
  • Size: 15 7/8
  • Product #: AH03X57

  • Perfectly recreates the dark, rich tone of The Brescian Masters.

This authentic Maggini model viola perfectly recreates the dark, rich tone of the Old Brescian Masters. It is available in the à l’ancienne model with it’s imitation-old varnish where all the marks of age and wear are skilfully reproduced. These superb instruments are available in body lengths from 15 1/2" to 16 1/2" and each one features the characteristic Maggini f-holes, double lines of top and back purfling and above all the legendary Brescian tone that is so desired by professionals for solo, quartet and orchestra work.

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Jay Haide Maggini A L
Jay Haide Maggini A LJay Haide Maggini A L

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