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Cuerdas Flexocor Deluxe para contrabajo

The FLEXOCOR DELUXE Bass string covers the entire spectrum: it is equally suitable for solo performance and classical orchestral repertoire, it has a natural pizzicato sound – everything works just wonderfully!

This is an exacting steel string which likes to be challenged to translate every minute impulse from bow or finger into brilliantly clear or voluminously dark sounds with lightning speed.

The wealth of tone colors is amazing; the string can produce very bright as well as very warm sounds while each and every tone is characterized by natural beauty. The strings have a long-lasting and full resonance; they respond perfectly at all dynamic levels.

Because of its particular structure, the FLEXOCOR® DELUXE string possesses excellent resonance qualities and unsurpassed carrying power. The string reacts immediately and resonates with minimum effort from the player. When it comes to intonation, its characteristic way of handling is truly impressive, it gives the performer a perfect sense of control and security at all times, allowing him to instantly recognize even the slightest discrepancy./p>

FLEXOCOR® DELUXE strings are extremely long-lasting and excel by the harmonious balance of the set as a whole. They are instantly playable and their tuning stability is exemplary – important features for the comfort of the performer.

The core material of all FLEXOCOR® DELUXE strings is high-stability steel rope of great flexibility.

Cuerdas Flexocor Deluxe para contrabajo

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