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Jargar Violin E String, Ball - medium - 4/4

  • Prix: 5.05 USD
  • Fabricant: Jargar
  • Instrument: Violon
  • Matériel: Chromesteel
  • Taille: 4/4
  • Tirant: Medium
  • # Produit: SJ11MB

  • Jargar Violin String, E , Ball - medium - 4/4 de Jargar.

The Jargar Violin Strings produce a big, powerful, distinct and well-balanced tone.

They have a special flexible steel core. The E string is not wound while the A,D, and G strings have a winding of thin threads of metal - aluminum, copper and different alloys. The Jargar Violin G string is also availlable with a silver winding which makes it sound more like a gut string.

The Jargar Forte Violin strings have a Red Ball End and a Blue Peg End. The Jargar Medium Violin strings have Blue Ball and Peg Ends while the Jargar Dolce Violin strings have Green Ball and Peg Ends. The Violin D String has a Brown Peg End and the Silver G String has a Yellow Peg End.

The Jargar Violin E and A strings come with a 6mm synthetic tube around the string. This should be placed where the string crosses the bridge in order to protect the string as well as the bridge.

Made in Denmark. Available in light, medium, and heavy gauges.

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Jargar Violin E String, Ball - medium - 4/4

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