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Corelli Solea Violin G String - medium - 4/4

  • Prix: 28.37 USD
  • Fabricant: Corelli
  • Marque: Solea
  • Instrument: Violon
  • Matériel: Synthétique
  • Taille: 4/4
  • Tirant: Medium
  • # Produit: SNS16

  • Corelli Solea Violin String, G - medium - 4/4 de Corelli.

The Corelli Solea Violin A String, - Medium - 4/4is made of new materials: a combination of very new innovative metals. The double layers of innovative raw materials surround a synthetic multifilament core (specific polymer) whose elasticity and density have been designed to give a rich and bright sound rendering.

These Corelli Solea Violin Strings are a result of over 3 years of research which led to the creation of new raw materials that when used in precisely calculated portions, create a new string texture with a new sound proposition and exceptional playing qualities.

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Corelli Solea Violin G String - medium - 4/4

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