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Chorda Bass G String - medium - 3/4

  • Prix: 136.67 USD
  • Fabricant: Pirastro
  • Marque: Chorda
  • Instrument: Contrebasse
  • Matériel: Gut
  • Taille: 3/4
  • Tirant: Medium
  • # Produit: SCH40

  • Chorda Bass String G - medium - 3/4 de Pirastro.

The Pirastro Chorda Double Bass Strings produce an inspirational warm sound with an enormous dynamic range. They are especially suited for Pizzicato and are authentic strings for Early Music. They have a very low tension and comfortable left hand feeling.

The Chorda G and D strings are plain sheep gut strings while the A and E strings are wound with silver plated copper wire. The sheep gut core of the Chorda strings is manufactured, wound and polished in the traditional way.

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Chorda Bass G String - medium - 3/4

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