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Double Stops

  • Prix: 43.33 USD
  • Instrument: Violon
  • Sous-catégorie: Violin Methods, Studies, Scales & Excerpts
  • Compositeur: Fischer, Simon
  • Éditeur: Edition Peters
  • Éditeur/Arrangeur: Fischer, Simon
  • ISBN: 9780993523816
  • # Produit: FISCH015

  • Double Stops publié par Edition Peters.

    Scales and Exercises for the Violin

Standard scale books are basically books of fingerings. For players who have already developed enough technical ability, such manuals are useful as simple organised lists of all the different types of scale in every key. But that is all they provide: each actual scale itself, which in one's musical imagination is perfectly in tune, tonally and rhythmically even, and played easily and effortlessly. The question is, if you have not yet reached the stage where you can play scales fluently and easily, how do you get to that level of mastery? Double Stops is a scale-study book. By dealing with the various technical elements of the scales one at a time, it makes it easy to practise each facet on its own. At the same time the exercises gradually build everything back together into the complete scale. After doing all the building-work (which is all really just written-out, good practice), it is obvious that every aspect of the complete scale must have improved when you perform it again – it is impossible for it not to have improved – and with all such clear progress achieved in the least-possible practice-time.

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Double Stops

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