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Suzuki - Note Reading for Violin

  • Prix: 17.10 USD
  • Instrument: Violon
  • Instrumentation: Méthodes de Violon
  • Sous-catégorie: Violin Methods, Studies, Scales & Excerpts
  • Compositeur: Suzuki, Shinichi
  • Éditeur: Summy-Birchard Inc.
  • Publisher Code: 0213S
  • ISBN: 0874872138
  • Genre: Suzuki
  • # Produit: 00874872138

  • Suzuki - Note Reading for Violin publié par Summy-Birchard Inc..

This book will make the Suzuki parent's task much easier as it will provide a reference when a parent does not know how to teach new pieces. The teacher's job will be easier too because it will no longer be necessary to explain to the parent the relationship between notes and violin fingerings. This book is well-illustrated so that mothers and advanced children can easily understand by reading and looking at the pictures. Dr. Suzuki explains, step-by-step from open strings to placing fingers, what happens to the fingers when there are sharps, flats, and naturals on the page. He explains rhythms and how to read the higher positions. When the child is young, a parent can point to the illustrations and explain easily. There are many nice pieces for reading practice towards the end of the book.

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Suzuki - Note Reading for Violin
Suzuki - Note Reading for Violin

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