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Celebrate Theory- Level 2

  • Prix: 14.38 USD
  • Éditeur: Frederick Harris Music Co.
  • Publisher Code: TCT02
  • ISBN: 9781554408054
  • Genre: Royal Conservatory
  • # Produit: RCMCT002

  • Celebrate Theory- Level 2 publié par Frederick Harris Music Co..

    2016 Edition, The Royal Conservatory of Music

Celebrate Theory is a new series that supports the study of music theory at every stage of a student’s musical development. Encompassing rudiments, harmony & counterpoint, analysis, and music history, Celebrate Theory is an essential resource for enriching practical studies and developing well-rounded musicianship. Alignment with the Theory Syllabus, 2016 Edition ensures student success in preparing for examinations of The Royal Conservatory Certificate Program.

Level 2

    New concepts include:
  • major and minor keys with one sharp or flat
  • application of time signatures, bar lines, rests
  • the harmonic minor scale
  • chord symbols for tonic triads

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Celebrate Theory- Level 2
Celebrate Theory- Level 2Celebrate Theory- Level 2

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