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Versum Cello Solo D String - medium - 4/4

  • Prix: 45.39 USD
  • Fabricant: Thomastik-Infeld
  • Instrument: Violoncelle
  • Taille: 4/4
  • Tirant: Medium
  • # Produit: SVMS32

The new Versum Solo Cello D string compensates for the common flaws of D-strings and offers the captivating presence, textured body and vast color spectrum you have been searching for. Its exceptional design made of ultra-light aluminum and a synthetic coated copper winding allows for a much smaller string diameter than commonly expected from a D-string.

Versum Solo strings were designed for profound power, ideal response and optimal projection - and they deliver! With effortless virtuosity they are poised to enhance the performances of even the most discerning players and cut through any acoustical situation.

When combined with Spirocore G and C cello strings, the Versum Solo strings produce impeccable focus and maximum power and when combined with Versum G and C strings, they offer warmth and brilliance.

  • Powerful Body
  • Soloistic Brilliance
  • Maximum Resilience

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Versum Cello Solo D String - medium - 4/4

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