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Larsen Virtuoso Viola G String - medium - Extra Long

  • Prix: 31.61 USD
  • Fabricant: Larsen
  • Marque: Virtuoso
  • Instrument: Alto
  • Matériel: Argent filée/Synthétique
  • Tirant: Medium
  • # Produit: SLVL24M

The Larsen Virtuoso Viola G Medium Extra Long string is for larger instruments (16.5" or longer) with a longer free vibrating length. It has been built upon a synthetic multi-filament core and is wound with silver.

The new Larsen Virtuoso Viola Strings were developed with the focus of creating a new offering for the D,G and C built on the firm foundation of the Larsen Violin A string - which offers excellent projection with a broad spectrum of sound combined with a long lasting and consistent performance.

The Medium strings deliver a rich sound texture whilst the Soloist is more focused and brings greater volume to the instrument.

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Larsen Virtuoso Viola G String - medium - Extra Long

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