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CodaBow Prodigy Violin Bow - 4/4

  • Prix: 345.00 USD
  • Marque: Prodigy
  • Instrument: Violon
  • Matériel: Graphite
  • Taille: 4/4
  • Couleur: Marron
  • # Produit: BD10P4

  • Arco de grafito para violín.

Precision-engineered to provide select professional characteristics at a pre-professional price, the Prodigy boasts exceptional performance for exceptional students. The dynamically balanced shaft offers off-string agility commonly reserved for high-performance bows while also providing the on-string forgiveness and comfort desired by young players.

  • Graphite Diamond Weave Technology, which gives strength and flexibility.
  • Xebony Engineered Ebony Frog, comprised of natural fibers and resin.
  • Slide made from White Mother of Pearl
  • Silver Winding
  • Metal Alloy Tip Plate
  • Moroccan Leather Grip
  • Acoustic Core offering the sensitivity and tone of premium pernambuco.

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CodaBow Prodigy Violin Bow - 4/4
CodaBow Prodigy Violin Bow - 4/4CodaBow Prodigy Violin Bow - 4/4

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