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Keeping Your Nerve!

  • Prix: 8.82 USD
  • Auteur: Jones, Kate
  • Éditeur: Faber Music
  • # Produit: JONES037

  • Keeping Your Nerve! publié par Faber Music.

    Confidence-boosting strategies for musicians and performers

Keeping your nerve! is the perfect prop for the young or amateur performer affected by stage fright. This pocket-size book is full of comforting, easy-to-find advice and amusing anecdotes, this small pocket book will help you to:

  • prepare for your performance, whether for a concert of exam
  • enjoy performing, wherever and whenever
  • unwind after an performance
  • understand why you perform and why your audience turns up

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    Keeping Your Nerve!
    Keeping Your Nerve!Keeping Your Nerve!

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