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The String Quartets of Beethoven

  • Prix: 80.55 USD
  • Auteur: Various
  • Éditeur: University of Illinois Press
  • Éditeur/Arrangeur: Kinderman, William
  • ISBN: 025203036290000
  • # Produit: KINDE001

  • The String Quartets of Beethoven publié par University of Illinois Press.

String Quartets of Beethoven.

Introduction - William Kinderman
1. Transformational Processes in Beethoven's Op. 18 Quartets - William Kinderman
2. Metrical Dissonance and Metrical Revision in Beethoven's String Quartets - Harald Krebs
3. Peak Experience: High Register and Structure in the "Razumovsky" Quartets, Op. 59 - Malcolm Miller
4. Beethoven's "Harp" Quartet: The Sketches in Context - Lewis Lockwood
5. "Haydns Geist aus Beethovens Händen"? Fantasty and Farewell in the Quartet in E-Flat, Op. 74 - Nicholas Marston
6. Aspects of the Genesis of Beethoven's String Quartet in F Minor, Op. 95 - Seow-Chin Ong
7. "So träumte mir, ich reiste... nach Indien": Temporality and Mythology in Op. 127/I - Birgit Lodes
8. Plenitude as Fulfillment: The Third Movement of Beethoven's String Quartet in B-Flat, Op. 130 - Robert Hatten
9. The Genesis of the Countersubjects for the Grosse Fuge - William E. Caplin
10. Opus 131 and the Uncanny - Joseph Kerman
11. Beethoven's Last Quartets: Threshold to a Fourth Creative Period? - William Kinderman
Appendix - Chronology and Sources of the String Quartets

Hardcover Book

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The String Quartets of Beethoven
The String Quartets of BeethovenThe String Quartets of Beethoven

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