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Strad Pad Chinrest Cover - Large Size - Elastic - Rosewood

  • Prix: 34.76 USD
  • Instrument: Violon
  • # Produit: CHSPORL

  • Comfortable chinrest cover that helps prevent neck irritation.

This is a large Strad Pad Chinrest Cover, is rosewood in colour and uses the elastic attachment.

The violin Strad Pad chinrest cover enables students to readily hold the violin properly with the chin, not the left hand!

Greatly reduces discouragement caused by chinrest irritation and unnecessary fatigue.

A latex chinrest cover that is comfortable, hygienic, and helps prevent neck irritation. The Strad Pad comes in two sizes, regular and large, and two types of attachment, elastic or Velcro). The Large size is recommended for Guarneri style chinrests.

The elastic attachment is a less permanent alternative to the Velcro attachment. (One needs to physically attach a piece of Velcro onto the chinrest when using the Velcro attachment).

Highly recommended for students.


  • Attractive and neat
  • Detachable and Washable
  • Inconspicuous and Featherlite

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Strad Pad Chinrest Cover - Large Size - Elastic - Rosewood

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