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Paganini Bass Humidifier From Trophy Music Company

  • Prix: 11.66 USD
  • Instrument: Contrebasse
  • # Produit: D402

The Paganini Bass Humidifier is designed to slowly release moisture, then create and maintain the proper humidity to help prevent cracking and warping of your instrument.

To use the humidifier:

  • Immerse in water for 15-20 seconds
  • Squeeze lightly to remove excess water
  • Wipe the outside of the tube and ends
  • Insert humidifer in the F (sound) hole of the instrument until all the moisture-release holes are inside.

Check your humidifer daily to make sure the moisture level remains constant. Wait until the humidifier is nearly dry before re-dampening.

Made by Trophy Music Company

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Paganini Bass Humidifier From Trophy Music Company

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