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Edward Withers Ltd - 230 Years of Violin Craft in Soho

  • Prix: 77.22 USD
  • Instrument: Violon
  • Auteur: Whone, Adam
  • # Produit: WHONE002

'Adam Whone's tribute to the Withers family is a labour of love which adds considerably to the library of work published on the British violin-making tradition .......

...... [it] is a beautifully produced homage to his predecessors who founded and ran the Withers shop in London for 200 years. Although John Lott II is undoubtedly the best known figure to have been connected with the firm, many fascinating characters weave in and out of the story including Georges Chanot II, George Wulme Hudson and the Vollers: in fact, all the great names associated with the marvellous reproduction instruments that were made in London at the end of the 19th century .. There are beautiful and clear colour plates provided of the work of the most important makers involved in the shop, and many fascinating archive pictures which bring this lively story into sharper focus. The book succeeds both as a piece of social and musical history and as a serious work of reference for the violin connoisseur.'

John Dilworth (U.K.) - courtesy of The Strad magazine

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Edward Withers Ltd - 230 Years of Violin Craft in Soho

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