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Love Chords CD/Guide

  • Prix: 10.83 USD
  • Éditeur: The Children's Group
  • ISBN: 1896449980
  • # Produit: VERNY001

Love Chords CD/Guide
Classical music to enrich the bond with your unborn child
By Thomas Verny, MD
Your unborn child from the sixth months on, is a sensing, feeling, aware and remembering human being influenced by his/her environment. Your baby can begin learning in the womb and consequently needs to be provided with the right kind of emotional and intellectual influences before birth to build a solid foundation for personality development.

Features the music of Baroque and Classical-era composers Handel, Bach, Vivaldi, Mozart, Boccherini, Albinoni and Corelli.
Each composition is designed to produce a relaxed state of mind, an uplifting mood and a readiness to focus and communicate with your baby.
Includes a 24 page book and nine months of creative exercises to enhance the life-long parent-child bond.

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Love Chords CD/Guide
Love Chords CD/Guide

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