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Grounded & Crazy in October

  • Prix: 17.71 USD
  • Instrument: Musique de chambre
  • Instrumentation: 2 Violons, Alto & Violoncelle
  • Sous-catégorie: Quatuor á cordes
  • Compositeur: Stafford, Anna
  • Éditeur: String Charts
  • Publisher Code: 00696384
  • # Produit: STAFF001

  • Grounded & Crazy in October publié par String Charts.

    Rock Originals for String Quartet

Mix it up with original rock tunes from composer Anna Stafford. Keep it light while playing "Grounded," a charmingly simple rock'n'roll piece best played with a classical approach. Bring a bit of twang to your rock mood with the dreamy "Crazy in October." Explore unique, intriguing themes with these dynamic, expressive, and conversational compositions.

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Grounded & Crazy in October
Grounded & Crazy in October

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