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Violin Series - Violin Technique, Etudes And Musicianship Prep-2

  • Prix: 18.85 USD
  • Instrument: Violon
  • Éditeur: Frederick Harris Music Co.
  • Publisher Code: VLT01
  • ISBN: 978-1-55440-910-5
  • Genre: Royal Conservatory
  • # Produit: RCMVN21010

  • Violin Series - Violin Technique, Etudes And Musicianship Prep-2 publié par Frederick Harris Music Co..

    Violin Series, 2021 (Fifth Edition).

Carefully selected and curated to support teachers and students in their artistic and technical development, the Violin Series, 2021 Edition includes pieces from a diverse range of eras and styles that represent stepping stones to major violin repertoire.

Each level is constructed to connect repertoire selections to necessary techniques and corresponding etudes, while illustrating step-by-step connections for developing core skills. Each Repertoire book includes access to quality video and audio recordings by some of North America's finest violinists and accompanists; both performance and accompaniment-only tracks for each Repertoire selection offer students a model for performance practice and the convenience of accompanied rehearsal at home.

Violin Technique, Etudes, and Musicianship Preparatory - 2 introduces progressive technical requirements that relate directly to the included etudes. Etudes are commissioned and arranged with balanced key signatures and time signatures, incremental hand-frame development, and a systematic step-by-step building of technique.

Keys expand from one to two octaves, covering the fingerboard with scales from major to harmonic and melodic minor; basic double-stop exercises are introduced; and the foundations of shifting to third position are established. These resources explore rhythm and meter, expanding from simple time to compound time. Duets are included for teacher support and performance opportunities.

This book promotes the development of elementary musicianship skills through sight reading (rhythm and playing) and ear exercises (interval and chord identification, clapbacks, and playbacks).

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Violin Series - Violin Technique, Etudes And Musicianship Prep-2

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