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Juilliard A History - Hard Cover

  • Prix: 33.90 USD
  • Auteur: Olmstead, Andrea
  • Éditeur: University of Illinois Press
  • ISBN: 025202487790000
  • # Produit: OLMST001

  • Juilliard A History - Hard Cover publié par University of Illinois Press.

1. The Founding Fathers: Frank Damrosch & James Loeb
2. The Institute of Musical Art: A European Tradition
3. The Juilliard Graduate School: A School for Scandal
4. The Juilliard School of Music: Ernest Hutcheson & John Erskine
5. Opera and Orchestra: Albert Stoessel
6. New Blood: William Schuman
7. Lincoln Center: Increased Status
8. Dancers' Training: Martha Hill
9. Dramatic Progress: John Houseman
10. The Juilliard School: Peter Mennin
11. Juilliard in the Postmodern World: Joseph Polisi

Hardcover Book

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Juilliard A History - Hard Cover
Juilliard A History - Hard Cover

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