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Don't Fret Position Indicator for Cello - 1/4

  • Prix: 11.95 USD
  • Instrument: Violoncelle
  • Taille: 1/4
  • # Produit: DF31

The patented Don’t Fret Finger Position Indicator is a decal that can be applied to fingerboards of string instruments and shows beginning students where to put their fingers.

Of the 12 lines on the decal, 7 colored ones are arranged in the pattern of a major scale, and 5 white ones are chromatic tones, i.e., not in the key of the open string. With this structure the common beginner finger positions and keys are made quite simple to explain.

Don’t Fret is mathematically designed and is precision-printed on vinyl, with a transparent overlay for durability. The decal removes absolutely cleanly from the instrument for up to one year. After that, should a slight amount of adhesive remain, it is easily removed with a citrus-based cleaner.

Students love Don’t Fret because they have easily identifiable markers, get a sense of security with the instrument, and get immediate feedback on their intonation. Teachers find it a flexible tool, responsive to varying pedagogies. The Don’t Fret is also perforated, allowing the teacher to remove any of 3 sections separately.

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