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Tonica Violin G String - medium - 1/4-1/8 (New Formula)

  • Precio: 15.17 USD
  • Fabricante: Pirastro
  • Marca: Tonica
  • Instrument: Violín
  • Material: Entorchado en plata/Sintético
  • Tamaño: 1/4-1/8
  • Calibre: Medium
  • # Producto: STN161

Pirastro Tonica Violin strings are now made using a new formula. They are perfectly balanced across all four strings, produce a lively well-rounded sound and respond instantly to any bowing style. They have a substantially reduced background hiss and players can sustain a more even tone helping to achieve smoother string crossings from one note to another.

Both projection and brilliance have been upgraded while its warmth has been preserved. Playing pianissimo has considerably improved.

The E-string is available in steel wound or steel wound with alumininum, the A string is aluminum wound while the D and G strings are silver wound.

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Tonica Violin G String - medium - 1/4-1/8 (New Formula)

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