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Pirastro Passione Bass E Extension 2.10M String - Medium - 3/4

  • Precio: 97.34 USD
  • Fabricante: Pirastro
  • Marca: Passione
  • Instrument: Contrabajo
  • Tamaño: 3/4
  • Calibre: Medium
  • # Producto: SPA47M

  • Pirastro Passione Bass String E Extension 2.10M - Medium - 3/4 de Pirastro.

The Passione Double Bass string is a modern and very reliable steel core string suitable for the demanding bassist. It offers outstanding arco playability, an inspiring diversity of sounds and it allows the bassist to use all possible bow strokes to create the desired sound.

The response is incredibly easy and flexible, the notes are separate and distinctively clean when played in fast passages. The big advantage of the Passione strings is that the sound does not need to be developed by using excess bow pressure as the strings vibrate freely and easily. The set is extremely well-balanced concerning tension and sound. Immediate playability and exceptional tuning stability are important additional advantages which offer great comfort to the bassist.

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Pirastro Passione Bass E Extension 2.10M  String - Medium - 3/4

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