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Adventures in Cello Country 1E - Meet Tex Neek

  • Precio: 16.95 USD
  • Instrument: Violonchelo
  • Instrumentación: Métodos para violonchelo
  • Sub Category: Métodos, estudios, escalas y partes orquestales para violonchelo
  • Compositor: Wimmer, Harry
  • Editora: M&M Distributing Co.
  • # Producto: WIMME005

  • Adventures in Cello Country 1E - Meet Tex Neek publicado por M&M Distributing Co..

Cello method series in six books each. Book 1e: This is a string crossing game with an American Wild West theme. The technical aim is to achieve clean, clear string crossing through exercises presented in a graded order. Young cellists receive these exercises in the form of messages and clues, and then plot their progress on a trail map until they reach Tex Neek's hideaway and receive an award. There are copious illustrations on "cowboy and Indian" themes by Shirley Givens and Grandpa Fred Givens.

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Adventures in Cello Country 1E - Meet Tex Neek

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