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80s Pop Songs for String Quartet

  • Precio: 26.42 USD
  • Instrument: Música de cámara
  • Instrumentación: 2 Violines, viola y violonchelo
  • Sub Category: Cuarteto de cuerdas
  • Editora: String Charts
  • Redactor: Gorfain, Eric
  • Publisher Code: 00696496
  • # Producto: GORFA007

  • 80s Pop Songs for String Quartet publicado por String Charts.

    I Melt With You & Don't You Forget About Me

Jump back to the 80s with Modern English's timeless smash hit "I Melt With You" and Simple Mind's "Don't You Forget About Me". These quintessential 80s pop songs inspire feelings of love and romance, and are sure to be crowd-pleasers, no matter where they're performed. Heat up your violin strings with these energetic and fun arrangements.

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80s Pop Songs for String Quartet
80s Pop Songs for String Quartet

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