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On My Way To Dreamland CD

  • Precio: 14.73 USD
  • Editora: Merriweather Records Ltd.
  • # Producto: REIDN009

On My Way To Dreamland CD
By Kathy Reid-Naiman
Produced by Ken Whiteley

1. Great Big Star
2. Douglas Mountain
3. Mister Moon/The Cuckoo
4. On My Way To Dreamland
5. My Pigeon Coop
6. Cowgirl's Lullaby
7. Little Lap Dog
8. Lavender's Blue
9. Come Row The Boat
10. Good-night
11. Turn Around
12. Bye O Baby Bye
13. Kitty Alone
14. I See The Moon (up over my bed)
15. Catch A Falling Star
16. Bye Baby Bye
17. Sweet Kentucky Babe
18. Wee Baby Moon
19. Dreams Of Harmony

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On My Way To Dreamland CD
On My Way To Dreamland CD

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