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More Tickles & Tunes CD

  • Precio: 13.58 USD
  • Editora: Merriweather Records Ltd.
  • # Producto: REIDN004

More Tickles & Tunes CD - Music For Very Young Children
By Kathy Reid-Naiman with Ken Whiteley
Lyrics Included

1. Nelly Go 'Cross The Ocean
2. Toe Tittily
3. Hey Ho Little Fish
4. Open, Shut Them/I Have 10 Little Fingers
5. Razzama Tazzama
6. Bumble Bee/Around And Round The Flower
7. Who's That Sitting There
8. Davy Dumpling
9. Little Brass Wagon
10. A Smooth Road
11. All The Little Bunnies
12. X Marks The Spot
13. Tideo
14. How Go The Ladies?
15. Three Times Around/The Alley Alley Oh
16. Wibbleton To Wobbleton/Trumpety Trumpety Trump
17. Listen To The Water
18. Leg Over Leg
19. Jack Jingle
20. Ride A Cock Horse/This Is The Way
21. The Grand Old Duke Of York
22. Catch Her Crow/Way Up High
23. Dirty Bill From Vinegar Hill
24. Fleas
25. If I Had A Pony
26. Three More Bounces
27. Miss Polly Had A Dolly
28. How Many Miles To London Town?
29. London Hill
30. Jim Along Josie
31. There's A Cobbler
32. Walk Daniel
33. Wobbidobs
34. Chop-Nose Day!
35. Bye Baby Bye

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More Tickles & Tunes CD
More Tickles & Tunes CD

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