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Lullabies Action Songs and Rhymes CD/Booklet

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Lullabies Action Songs and Rhymes CD/Booklet
A Collection of songs and rhymes that will provide you and your child with hours of enjoyable listening
Accompaniments arranged by David Jones and Sharon Jones
Soprano - Sharon Jones
Piano - David Jones
Percussion - Rob Inch

Action Songs & Rhymes
1. Greeting Song
2. Six Little Ducks
3. Humpty Dumpty
4. Pat-a-Cake
5. The Muffin Man
6. Pussy Cat, Pussy Cat
7. Michael Finnegan
8. Hickory Dickory Dock
9. Ring Around the Rosies
10. Little Tommy Tucker
11. Rain Rain Go Away
12. One, Two, Tie My Shoe
13. Pop! Goes the Weasel
14. Hickety Pickety
15. Eency Weency Spider
16. Pees Porridge Hot
17. To Market, To Market
18. This Old Man
19. Wee Willie Winkie
20. Little White Duck
Selections 21-39 are 2-20 repeated
40. The Evening is Coming
41. Brahms Lullaby
42. Coulters Candy
43. Schubert Lullaby (Words by Sharon Jones)
44. Hush Little Baby
45. She's Like The Swallow
46. Rock-A-Bye Baby
47. All Through the Night
48. All The Pretty Horses
49. Mozart Lullaby
50. Sleep Baby Sleep
51. By'm Bye
Selections 52-62 are 41-51 repeated

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Lullabies Action Songs and Rhymes CD/Booklet
Lullabies Action Songs and Rhymes CD/Booklet

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