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James Ehnes: Homage CD/DVD

  • Precio: 24.92 USD
  • Instrument: Violín
  • Autor: Ehnes, James
  • Editora: Onyx
  • # Producto: EHNES002

A tribute to 12 of the world's greatest stringed instruments and their makers. This recital programme on CD and separate DVD is selected by James Ehnes to highlight the unique qualities of each violin and viola, and includes comparison tracks played on all the instruments. The DVD containst the full programme plus interview with James Ehnes and David Fulton, the owner of this extraordinary collection.

    Featuring the following violins:
  • Antonio Stradivari: 1709 'La Pucelle', 1713 'Baron d'Assignies', 1715 'Marsick', 1715 'Baron Knoop', 1719 'Duke of Alba', 1733 'Sassoon'
  • Pietro Guarneri: 1698 'Shapiro'
  • Giuseppe Guarneri 'Del Gesù': 1737 'King Joseph', 1742 'Lord Wilton'
    And Violas:
  • Gasparo Da Salò: c. 1660
  • Andrea Guarneri: 1676 'Count Vitale, ex Landau'
  • Guiseppe Guadagnini: 1793 'Rolla'

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James Ehnes: Homage CD/DVD
James Ehnes: Homage CD/DVD

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